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"...children and young people are at the heart of all services....social work is largely child focused...our model is enabling a flourishing social work culture" Ofsted 2017

I am so proud of this. We have worked really hard over the last few years to build a place where social workers can do what they do best, build relationships with others to improve the lives of young people and those that care for them.

Take some time to read about this in these pages. We are committed to continuous learning, have invested in a practice model with systemic practice at the centre, and are continuing to grow and develop what we do through innovation, investment in our workforce and most importantly listening to children and families, and those that work with them.

"...a culture of high support and high challenge is promoted...workforce development continues to be a priority...social workers work hard to make sure children and families get the right help at the right time" Ofsted 2017

If this sounds like a place you could work I would be pleased to hear from you.

Alasdair Smith

Director of Children &Families

Our vision for Southwark

Every child, young person and family in Southwark thrives and is empowered to lead a safe and healthy life.
We will work together to deliver high quality services that make a measurable difference in helping to overcome inequality and disadvantage, and strengthens families’ abilities to raise their children successfully and independently.
Children & Young Peoples Plan 2013-18

Key Priorities
Best Start
For our first priority we promise to make sure that children, young people and families can access the right support at the right time, from early years to adolescence.

Safety and stability
For our second priority we promise to make sure that our most vulnerable children, young people and families receive timely, purposeful support that brings safe, lasting and positive change.

Choice and control
For our third priority we promise that children and young people with special educational need or disability and their families will be able to access a local offer of seamless, personalised support from childhood to adulthood.

Current Focus
We need to continue to improve through developing our workforce to make more of a positive difference to children and young people.
The safety of children is our highest context and we need to further develop working relationships with families and communities enabling and empowering them so as to reduce the need for them to experience statutory services.
Building and developing our resources and using our relationships effectively to better support and enable families and carers, will guide all our work as we evolve our services and approaches.