Internal ONLY Jobs

Here you can view all the internal opportunities that are currently on offer at Southwark Council.

Internal job roles offer you the opportunity to build upon your success and continue your career at Southwark.

If you love working for Southwark but are looking for a change, in the long term or short time, to progress and develop or simply learn something new, browse our internal opportunities today.

Don’t forget to read our FAQs below, before applying:

  • 1. Internal roles can offer you both promotional and sideways moves within Southwark.
    2. A new internal role can help you obtain professional career growth and skill development.
    3. You will enhance your knowledge of Southwark’s role as a local authority body, in terms of its functions, processes, duties and responsibilities.
    4. You may be able to increase your earnings if applying for a higher graded position.
    5. You love working at Southwark but are looking for a new challenge or change, without leaving Southwark.
  • Roles can be within any department across the Council and may be offered on a permanent, fixed term or secondment basis.
  • All of our current employees (permanent and fixed term staff), as well as agency workers (temporary staff) who are currently on active assignment at Southwark Council are eligible to apply for our internal opportunities.

    When a position is posted internally only, any external candidate who may have inadvertently made it into the application process cannot be considered for selection.

  • Secondments are a great way to upskill and develop yourself whilst learning more about other roles within the Council. 

    Secondments allow you to temporarily leave your substantive role and take on a new role for a set length of time. 

    When your secondment has come to an end, your substantive post will remain open for you to return to.

    If you would like to apply for a secondment or opt for a fixed term contract but on a secondment basis, this is possible but please ensure you have prior agreement from your current line manager before applying.

  • All applications must be done online using the 'Apply Now' button from the Job Advertisement.

    The application process can vary depending upon the role.
    For example, some roles may ask for a CV, others you may complete the internal application form.
    In both cases, you will have to write about how your skills, knowledge and experience fit the role, that is no more than 4000 characters in length(please note this is different to a 4000 word count). 

    We recommend you use the person specification attached to the advert to help you compose this. 

    Even for internal roles, competition can be high – we recommend that you treat your application form as seriously as you would if you were applying for a new company and prepare effectively for the interview and assessment stages.

  • Internal job vacancies will be advertised for a minimum of one week.

    However, they maybe advertised for longer – you will need to check the close date of each individual position to make sure you don’t miss out! 

    New jobs can appear daily on the site so be sure to check in frequently to see the new opportunities.

  • If you are successful at the shortlisting stages, you will undergo an interview with a panel. 

    Some roles may only have an interview whilst for others, you may be asked to complete assessments/tests.

    You will be sent any relevant information about the interview stages by email to the email address you indicated on your application form.

  • Yes, although these will be reduced in comparison to new external candidates joining us. 

    To qualify for the internal pre-employment checks, you will need to be an existing employee on Southwark payroll. 

    If you are an agency worker on active assignment at Southwark Council, whilst we welcome your application for internal jobs, you will undergo external pre-employment checks so that you can be brought on to Southwark Payroll from your agency employer.

  • For current Southwark Employees, HR will require:
    •A reference from your current line manager
    •Internal Employee Record check
    •Medical clearance by our Occupational Health Service provider (if new role requires)
    •Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) check for posts carrying out regulated activity (if new role requires)
    •Qualification or professional registrations (if new role requires)
    •Any other paperwork required e.g. updated right to work documents
  • You will need to have successfully undergone the applicable pre-employment checks and have agreed your notice period for your old role with your current line manager. 

    Once your start date has been agreed, you will need to check that you have received your ‘first day of service’ confirmation email from HR before beginning in your new role. 

    Please contact your HR Assistant that supported your on boarding experience if you think you should have received this email but haven’t yet.

  • This will depend on your given start date and on what date your new line manager communicated your start date to HR.

    As a general rule, if you begin your role after the 9th of the month (i.e. after payroll cut off), then you will be paid in the following month’s pay.
    If you begin, prior to the 9th of the month then you should receive your adjusted salary in the same month’s pay.

    If you have any queries regarding your pay, please contact: in the first instance.

Current internal jobs